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Financial Services


Digitalisation, Client Focus and Profitability

10 years have passed since the financial crisis. This event, and the Euro crisis that followed it, are continuing to affect the financial services sector in Europe. To name only a few topics: a difficult market environment heavily influenced by the Central Bank policy, increased capital requirements and a massive traffic jam of regulations. These factors all combine to contrive an insufficient margin of profitability.

In addition, digitalisation has brought new threats, especially for retail banking, because it enables value chains to be broken up, and new market movers to enter, such as Fintechs. New technologies, like Blockchain, expose parts of the financial services industry to new challenges.

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Range of Services

We give you analytical support in formulating your specific business strategy, and then in developing and implementing the solution.

Examples are stabilising and increasing revenue by sharpening the focus on clients, especially by combining on- and off-line advice and making use of opportunities for increasing efficiency, such as simplifying the product range and rationalising the process chain.

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