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Teaching Activities

Principles of Teaching

Teaching should – as should all scientific work – satisfy two criteria:

  •    So what?

       Provide findings that prompt an urge towards action

  •    Who cares?
       Be directed at people who understand the theory and feel the urge towards action


In his teaching assignements at various universities, Dr. Paddags combines theory – for example, of the capital markets – with the most recent developments in Financial Services, and illustrates them with examples from the field of strategy consulting. Besides the added value of a practice-oriented message for the students, the teaching activity facilitates a continuous exchange with teachers and professors on multiple topics – from the latest developments in portfolio management to digitalisation in Wealth Management. These findings are integrated into project work and publications.




Teaching Engagements

„International Finance“ at the University of Applied Sciences, Ludwigshafen on Rhine

„Strategic Management“ and „Financial Risk Management“  at the University of Applied Sciences, Bremen

“Financial Markets and Financial Intermediaries” at the International School of Management (ISM) in Hamburg



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